tarvos m-files voor sharepoint 

Make Microsoft SharePoint even better.

Get the collaboration power of SharePoint and the document management capabilities of M-Files – together. SharePoint alone is great as a collaboration portal, but requires significant customization and patience to make it document management system. But M-Files makes this enterprise solution better than ever for active document management by adding vital capabilities for your document creators by providing:

  • Seamless management of in-process work
  • Fast local performance and reliability, even during slow network periods, outages or while traveling
  • Easy access to documents, projects, contacts, tasks and other content stored and managed in your M-Files vault – right through your SharePoint site


Improve SharePoint Adoption

SharePoint implementations often force users to change their work habits to access, download, make edits and then upload to the SharePoint Web portal – which can drive users to find a workaround, such as keeping their own local versions of files and then irregularly upload final documents back up to SharePoint. When this happens, much of the work SharePoint is intended to manage remains scattered on your users’ PCs, effectively undermining the process and limiting your effectiveness.

M-Files ensures your document creators and editors can continue to work the way they always have, with a seamless interface with all Windows applications, not just Microsoft Office. You can Open, Save, and access all documents just as if they reside on your local hard drive, and M-Files handles the rest, quietly synchronizing with the server in the background.

It's easy, fast and reliable – so your users will be more likely to adopt the system, not find ways around it.


List, Edit, Search & Link

M-Files for SharePoint allows you to list, edit, search for and link to M-Files content on SharePoint sites. Display and edit any M-Files content directly in SharePoint. The permission settings defined in M-Files also apply in SharePoint, so if your users don’t have access to a document in M-Files, they cannot access it through SharePoint either.

M-Files Listing Web Parts are compatible with SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions. Both SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server editions are supported.

Benefit from SharePoint's collaboration capabilities while still taking advantage of a powerful, full-featured document management system – and ensure broad, consistent adoption and adherence to company processes.


Tarvos M-Files web part voor SahrePoint


Product Description

M-Files web part for SharePoint provides businesses an optimal combination of document management, collaboration and publishing. M-Files and Microsoft SharePoint work together seamlessly enabling efficient, “out of the box” document management and collaboration and publishing via SharePoint sites and pages.

In addition to adding value to SharePoint, M-Files can be used as a standalone solution, either cloud-based, on-premise or a hybrid combination of both, providing secure access permissions, version history, automated workflow, check-in/check-out, support for email and scanning paper documents. M-Files can also be directly connected to other mission-critical systems such as CRM, ERP and accounting applications providing a unified interface to important business documents and information across the enterprise.


It’s Easy: If you Know Windows, You Know M-Files

M-Files is deeply integrated with Windows and uses the familiar Windows Explorer interface. This enables access to the M-Files document vault the same way one accesses My Documents or My Computer, it’s just faster and more secure. In addition to Microsoft Office and Outlook, all Windows applications are supported using the File Open or Save commands everyone knows and uses every day, so little if any training is required.


M-Files web part for SharePoint is compatible with the on-premise versions of SharePoint and SharePoint Foundation 2007, 2010, and 2013.

For more information and download link, visit M-Files Solution Catalog.


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